wumber for the enterprise
If you use Microsoft Exchange on-premises adding the wumber Exchange Transport Agent allows wumbers at your place, at your domain in your way...

To enable wumber at an enterprise level you will ideally have Microsoft Exchange on-premises and you will be using the wumber Exchange Transport agent to facilitate wumber for everybody.

Just like normal wumber, the enterprise version uses the same technology, it's just that its using your exchange connected to the wumber web services to perform all the wumber transitions and filtering.

Coupling wumber with SPF is the most effective way of fighting SPAM. It also protects your brand and prevents spammers from effectively sending email from your branded domain name.

The small cost of proactively implementing the wumber Exchange Transport agent and configuring SPF for the domains that you send email from is minimal compared to the amount of time and money that you spend reactively protecting your enterprise from SPAM and protecting your brand right now!

Using wumber, you also get to build a greater level of confidence with your customers and partners. They know that an email from you using wumber can only be an email from you, and likewise, you know an email from a customer or partner can only have come from them.

Because enterprise wumber is hosted by you with your Exchange on-premises installation, it is quick and will consolidate your wumber users into easily managed wumber groups. Using the wumber Exchange Transport agent doesn't mean that all your users need to use wumber, you may decide that only a select group of high-risk email users need protecting and skip all the other users.

wumber also has a growing number of hosted Exchange providers that can assist your with a hosted exchange solution that still takes advantage of the powerful wumber features.

wumber for the enterprise is still undergoing development. We anticipate that the enterprise version of wumber will be available before the end of March 2014.

If you would like to be a beta testing partner for the enterprise version, please contact our sales department to register your interest. Partners selected will recieve wumber enterprise free for 12 months.