wumber for ​small business
​Enhanced personalization between your customers and your business with increased trust and security, all without the SPAM. It leaves you to focus on the business...

SPAM is a pervasive problem clogging up the communication channels of your small business. In fact, up to 85% of all email is spam. But, there's an opportunity for your small business to achieve increased brand recognition while preventing SPAM and boosting customer confidence.

Simply use wumber! With a small businesses corporate key and your email clients configured to use wumber, you're protected! If you buy and sell stuff on the Internet or do any business on the Internet you can customize your business wumbers to each of your customer's by name using Custom Sender Names (CSN's). Imagine a personal email for each individual customer in a self-managed one-to-one relationship.

Once established, the customer knows that email they receive on your wumber must have come from you so there is a heightened level of security and trust and of course, you know an email from a customer could only have come from them.

With just one simple product you can personalized communication and increased the trust and security between your brand and each one of your customers. That's a great win-win!

Join wumber today to start protecting your brand!