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​Give your email address out and you've lost control of it!    But... give out a wumber and you stay 100% in control  - always!

wumber is a smart email system that hides your real email address. It protects your identity and stops you from receiving SPAM!

It seems that everyday we are getting fake emails asking us to collect a parcel, verify our personal details or confirm a payment. These emails are called phishing.

SPAM is often the starting point for email scams and phishing. So, wumber includes the free "SmartConnect" Add-on for Microsoft Internet Explorer. This helps protect you from giving your personal login details to a fake web site.

If you buy, subscribe, pay or sell stuff online, do it without getting the SPAM! wumber works in the background protecting you all the time.

Register for a competition, get coupons and subscribe to anything you want. Get all the upside with no downside. You will only get email from the people you want. After all, you stay 100% in control - always!

After you've setup wumber, you don't need to do anything differently and you don't need anything special. Just send and receive your emails as you do now from your desktop with something like Microsoft Outlook or your smart phone.

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