​IE add-on:errors and troubleshooting
​The anti-phishing wumber Internet Explorer add-on is designed to keep you safe from phishing threats. If you experience any issues with the operation or installation, see if the resolution is here...

PROBLEM: Installation completed without any errors but the wumber IE Addon doesn't display in the Right-Click mouse menu.

SOLUTION: The installation needs to be done with administrative rights. Sometimes the account that is used to do the installation may have insufficient rights and while the installation will succeed the registration will fail.

RESOLUTION: If you follow these few simple steps this problem will be solved.

1. Locate the Command Prompt. Click Start -> All Programs -> Accessories

2. Right click on the Command Prompt menu item, and select Run As Administrator

3. If a User Account Control message is displayed, click Yes

4. in the Administrator:Command Prompt window, on the C: drive, type cd \ <ENTER>

5. type cd "Program Files" <ENTER>

6. type cd "SPTG" <ENTER>

7. type cd "wumber IE Add-On" <ENTER>

8. type adxregistrator.exe /install="wumberForIE.dll" <ENTER>

This program doesn't provide any feedback to the success or failure of the previous command, so you must check the log file that's generated by the program. The results of the previous command are in a log file located in {user profile}\Documents\Add-in Express\adxregistrator.log