​IE add-on:installation instructions
​Now with even more to explore! Use these instructions to download and install the wumber IE Add-on...

UPDATE: Version 2.1.15 Released - With more features

Follow these instructions to install the wumber IE Add-on and take your Internet browsing to the next level of safety.

If you are upgrading your IE Add-on, you will need to uninstall the old add-on before you can install the new version.

The wumber IE Add-on is only available for Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 8,9 and 10 that are running on the Microsoft Windows platform. There is currently no Mac version and no other browsers are supported by the wumber IE Add-on.

The IE Add-on cannot be installed while the Internet Explorer browser is open. Please close your browser before you commence the installation.

Installing the wumber IE Add-on


1. Download the wumber IE Add-on installation package from the wumber website. It is located in the guides and publications section of the website.
2. Check that the current version of your download is version 2.1.15. The filename of the download is wumberForIESetup_(2.1.15)_x86.msi or wumberForIESetup_(2.1.15)_x64.msi  

3. Before you continue with the installation, check that the installation has been published by SPTG. once you are satisfied, commence the installation by clicking the Run button.

Users have reported problems with the installation if IE is loaded at the time that the installation is done. To avoid these issues, when you get to the point of installing the wumber IE Addon, close IE, then continue the installation.

​4. If you don't have the .NET version 4.0 framework installed the installation will advise that it is required and you will need to follow the instructions to download and install it.

If you already have the .NET framework installed this step wont appear.

If you are prompted to install the framework and click the No button the installation will terminate.


5. Once all the prerequisites are complete, the installation of the Microsoft Internet Explorer Add-on for wumber will commence.

Click the Next > button to commence the installation.

6. You will be prompted to provide a location for the IE add-on files that are going to be installed. It's a good idea to just leave these as they are unless you have a good reason for changing the location.

If you need support with the IE Add-on it is assumed that your files are located in the default location.

Click the Next > button to continue the installation.

7. Once you are ready to commence the installation, click the Next > button.


​8. The installation will commence and you will see the progress bar move across the installer as the process completes.

9. Your installation is now complete. Click the Close button to close the installer.













10. Once your installation is complete, you will need to load IE and enable the new wumber Add-on. Once enabled you must close IE. Whenever you start IE the wumber IE add-on will be ready for you.