​Microsoft IE add-on for wumber
​If you love subscriptions, couponing, email lists, saving money or other subscription stuff, get ready for the biggest and safest way to get the specials and savings without the SPAM...

To make your wumbers more effective while surfing we have written a special Microsoft Internet Explorer Add-On allowing you to quickly and easily insert wumbers into the web site pages whenever an email address is required or you want to make a purchase or subscribe to a new service.

This software also provides a secure password purse that can be used to not only provide a wumber email address as your login but it can also be used to store the web site password too.

Importantly, the wumber Internet Explorer Add-on looks past how the page on the website looks to the actual infrastructure mechanics of the web site and how it works. Things like it's servers, IP Addresses and DNS configuration.

Allocating a wumber with a password to a specific page or web site will not allow you to get confused and provide your wumber and password to a fake website pretending to be the real website. Discover more...

The wumber Internet Explorer Add-on will run its analysis and recognize a fake web site rather than  a known real web site that has already been mapped and a wumber provided. It is therefore an excellent way of preventing you accidentally entering a real password in a website that is not the genuine into a fake website.

You can download the Free wumber Microsoft Internet Explorer wumber Add-on from the guides and publications section of the website. So download it and follow the Installation Instructions and start safe surfing.