​help & support
​Did you know that a person who subscribes to wumber is a wumble? If you need a little help to understand something or a lot of help to get something going...

wumber is a user self-service based system. Our aim is to provide all the assistance and help that you may need using this website.

wumber is a very sophisticated system and we understand that you may need some help setting it up and getting familiar with it. There are a variety of help levels for the different subscriptions and features.

All wumber subscriptions are email supported by our highly trained technical experts. The free subscriptions can usually expect an answer to an email question within 48-72 hours, while paid subscriptions will usually receive a response within 12-48 hours depending on the paid subscription level.

wumbles with corporate products can contact our dedicated corporate support desk for email support ranging from 2 - 12 hours.

If you are experiencing what may be a technical issue, please complete the feedback form selecting "Website Issue" and we will address the issue immediately.

All subscribers can seek assistance using the real-time live chat support facility offered by wumber. If you see agents are online, you are welcome to ask a question, if the agent doesn't know the answer they will "log a job" for you and we will try to solve your problem that way.

Regardless, we want all our users to have a great experience, so please let us know how we can make wumber better for you.