​wumber f.a.q.
​This quick reference to frequently asked questions, a great place to find the most common questions that are asked about wumber...

All the top questions asked about wumber:

Q. what is wumber?

A. wumber (always written with a lowercase "w") is a smart email address system that takes the place of your real email address on the Internet.  A wumber is like your email super-agent. It is your email address but a whole lot smarter. You can give a wumber to someone and prevent anyone else from using it. Because it is a lot smarter than normal email addresses, you can provide rules and it will operate within those rules. The rules can be changed once the wumber is given out and there is no need to tell anybody that you have changed the rules. (More...)

Q. will wumber stop spam?

A. YES - But it also depends on how you use it. You will need to setup a new email address (with whoever you like) and not give that address to anybody but wumber. If you just use your current email address, it will already be all over the Internet and too late to totally stop the spam. Remember, spam isn't email that you don't want to read, it's email that you didn't ask for usually from people you don't know.

Q. is wumber free?

A. YES - wumber is free for everybody to use. You can choose to upgrade your free account to provide more features and send wumbers as well as receive them.

Q. is the free wumber account suitable for my business?

A. NO - The free wumber account is only for private and personal use. Business users are required to have the Premium wumber subscription, simply because it offers the most features and is bi-directional with automated wumber management.

Q. what is a fully encoded permanent wumber?

A. There are primarily 12 types of wumbers, a fully encoded permanent wumber is a wumber that has been specifically created for a specific recipient email address and you. You would have created the wumber based on a set of rules like who the recipient is, how many times they can email me in a given period etc. It would not have been generated by somebody visiting your blog who wants to email you a question or comment. 

Q. can I use wumber on my smart phone?

A. YES - wumber has been tested on a number of hand held and mobile devices. This is a two part answer because there are two aspects to consider. The first aspect is can you send and receive wumbers on your smart phone - YES, If the smart phone has a configurable SMTP gateway option. The second aspect is using the smart phone web site app - YES, If you have browsing capability then you can browse the website and use the wumber mobile application site. The URL for mobile wumber is https://iwumber.com

Q. will wumber protect me while surfing?

A. YES - using the wumber IE Add-on will assist you to keep your login and password details safe. The wumber IE Add-On can't be fooled and knows the difference between a fake web site and the real one.